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#305888 - Greywind growl as they kissed again wrapping her arms around the wolf neck she was truly happy being with the three loves of her life her Robb, Her Unborn child and Now Greywind whom she loves with all her heart. She removed the towel as it felt to the floor Greywind then lay down on top of her body to keep her warm she kept moaning into his mouth as he kept growling and snarling into her mouth they pull apart as they looked into each other eyes she whisper god your sexy as hell fuck me Fuck me the best you’ll ever fuck any wolf or women’s cause I’ve known you have bang a few of them when we travel into war. It wasn’t long before she cummed to which Greywind eaten it all up he pull out of her pussy and stood over her nude body she looked at him with love in his eyes he wasn’t done yet his dick was hard and big and she wanted it she grab a hold of his head and kissed him passionately on the lips she moan into his mouth give me that big dick of your I want it in my pussy.

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Hikaru shidou
Me next
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Need a ass like that
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I like how you do it
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So very hot