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#30393 - The third one I place part way into my mouth then lean in to feed it to you, you sense I’m leaning in and grab hold of my arms and pull me in and pull the strawberry from my mouth before kissing me passionately. I’m so turned on I don’t bother to take it slowly to start with but instantly go in and out of you at full pace, my balls slapping against your clit, causing you to gasp hard with each thrust. I eat the rest of the strawberry before pulling the cup of your bra down and place my mouth onto your breast sucking hard at your nipple, teasing it with my tongue, I pull away and take another mouthful of champagne and replace my mouth back onto you, the bubbles bursting on your sensitive nipple as I suck hard on your soft breast, you let out another moan, longer and deeper this time as I feel your body twitch hard against me.

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