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#114476 - Leaving her just as I have described, revelling even further in the danger I was putting her in, and fantasising more about what her eventual finder would see! I worried about being caught by the police for a few days, until I read in the local paper, that a group of 5 teenage boys had been arrested for tying up and gang-raping a girl in the woods, so I read the story in minute detail. I immediately seized my opportunity and quickly knelt down by her feet, grabbed a length of filthy baling twine that just happened to have been lying beside the log, forced her to roll over onto her front, still across the log, which in turn pushed her bottom provocatively towards me, and pulling her hands roughly together behind her I tied them tightly at the wrists. As I got closer I discovered that what I had noticed only as a slight movement from a distance, was in fact a young girl, no more than 16 years old, sitting on a fallen log.

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