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#315689 - Soon Zoe was touching Mary all over her ripe young body while Cora soon joined in the feel up! Both ladies couldn't seem to get enough of Mary's body! Mary had never had both of her tits sucked at the same time, but now each nipple was being expertly sucked and nibbled! Cora slid her hand between Mary's legs and was soon fingering her now dripping snatch, and with her head spinning, an orgasm ripped through Mary like an express train with both her nipples and clit being on absolute fire! As she lay between them, Mary began to think that this job might be all right after all! Mary was roused to attention when she felt Zoe begin to strip off her own clothes. Mary reread the ad several times trying to decide if she even wanted to get into domestic work. Before Mary could say a word--she was stunned to say the least, Zoe Bradford continued on, There is, however, one more duty that I have not described to you as of yet.

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