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#341428 - Victor picked me up and bent me over and guided his cock to the entrance of my pussy, my inner lips gave way straight away being lubed with Victors saliva I felt a surprising shudder of pain as I felt my hymen burst open Ive forgotten how much it hurts to lose my virginity even though my pussy will go back to normal after the Polyjuice potion wares of but it still hurt like a bitch. I went into a secret spot in the abandoned girls bathroom nobody ever comes near the place because the ghost of moaning Myrtle still floats around so it was a good place to discreetly make illegal potions and have sex, I sometimes notice her watching me from the ceiling while ive got other guys on top of me I don’t really get bothered. I eventually caught up with Victor I was very angry with Ron and filled with sexual frustration I grabbed Victor and tried leading him to a discreet place in the castle to fuck his brains out he stood back and stopped me “Hermoine I cannot sleep with you you are not a

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