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#205057 - jack went to a bar after breaking up with his wife he invited rihard and jonny who are all 5o year old men jack hated it when he was with them so he sat in the corner of the room scribbling no no no no nono no over andover and over on the back of abeersplacemat hallo wie ghets ? said a lonely german woman but jack couldn'tunderstand so he just wavedhis handin aforwardmotion signallinghewas a mute ichhiesse janine said the foriegner i want pizza said a fat man fromtheback room well you can't have any you lknow what happendlast time don'tyou delia? no i don#'t but i do knowwhen i was here in the first place wwas to getme some tail. this caught jacks attention whith the german woman gone in a burst of flames and oreos he flauterd over to the lady wich turned out to be a fucking squirrel sheleaptonhis genetils and bite themlike afucking motherbitch it hurt and itwas ugly but he said nothing like a soldier and just showed sadnessin his eyes he could hear janine in

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